For a really well written and insightful blog by a male survivor of abuse, read Keith’s blog here.  KEITH’S STORY – MALE VICTIM OF DOMESTIC ABUSE & DEPRESSION
Domestic Abuse And Depression From A Male Perspective.


If you enjoy gallows humor and a snarky approach to process your recovery from abuse,  check out the blog by Chumplady here.  Under the banner of “Leave a cheater, gain a life”, she focuses on infidelity as the common tool of abusers and how to recover from it.


Some of the recovery from abuse is processing events and your spiritual values.  An excellent blog for Christians and divorce is hosted by Divorce Minister.  You can find his blog here.


Dr. Tara Palmatier hosts a blog, forum, and website for men and women recovering from relationships with the disordered.  You can find her site here.


Recovering from long-term abuse sometimes means managing the symptoms of complex PTSD.  A wonderful blog by Marty can be found at